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The Law Firm of the Peninsula, is founded in 2013, in the City of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico; represents the values ​​of each one of its partners and members, guaranteeing the legal security of all our clients, who give us their trust.
We are dedicated to providing services to private and governmental private companies, which require from an advisory or effective legal representation, timely and with excellent levels of quality in the provision of our professional services in various areas of law.
We have our own facilities, as well as the infrastructure and necessary legal tools, together with the support of more than six years of professional experience, characterized by the constant updating of our knowledge and an efficient personalized attention, according to the specific needs of each one of our customers, through a wide range of comprehensive legal services, which allows us to meet the requirements objectively, professionally and expeditiously in return for the trust placed in us.
"What for others is a problem, for us ... is the beginning of their solution".

"Res non verba, Acts not words


Provide professional services in the different branches of Law, in a totally responsible, honest, efficient way; and with a high degree of commitment, together with the Principles of Equity and Justice. Guaranteeing alternative and reliable solutions for our customers.





Advise and represent in an ethical and professional manner those who request our services, giving back the trust they place in us, guaranteeing a quality service to guarantee the result that is required for each of the issues.

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